And I love photography, if you couldn’t tell already. I’m just an average working gal who does coffee and cakes by day and photography on the side. I’m currently located in Ypsilanti, MI but I travel all over Michigan and beyond.

Other things I enjoy include rock climbing, cake decorating, hiking, reading, journaling, web design, obscure music and movies, cooking/baking, and the beautiful Christian faith.


Once upon a time, I picked up a camera and I fell in love with it. Just kidding. But it went something like that. I’ve always loved photography and trying to capture everything in the best way possible. I would play around with my point-and-shoot camera a lot back in the day. That was, until a couple of circumstances came together and changed everything for me!

My friend Kevin asked me to take his senior pictures because he knew that I liked photography. I owe a lot to him for being my first client ever and for trusting me with his dad’s Canon DSLR to take his pictures when I had no experience whatsoever. I seriously struggled with trying to figure out how to use that nice camera but it all turned out alright for being my first shoot. After that day, I kept thinking about getting a DSLR in order to learn how to use one and better my photography skills. Well, guess what? Not too long after, my dad came home from work with none other than a Nikon D60 that he bought for himself! Let’s be real, I stole that baby right from the get-go. My dad never really used it anyway. It became mine and I started experimenting from there.

Turns out, some friends saw Kevin’s senior pictures and decided to ask me to take their senior pictures as well. I had “my own” DSLR at this point so I started taking portraits for friends. That’s how it all started in fall of 2009. Lots of trial and error and practice later, this is where I am now, still going through lots of trial and error and practice! Regardless, I am beyond blessed and thankful to do what I love: capturing moments and making them infinite.



I’m all about the natural and candid. Natural light and outdoors are my thing. Relaxed poses, small moments, casual lookaways, laughter, big smiles. I smile while I take photos so I expect the person(s) in front of the camera to be smiling as well!

As for editing, again, I try to keep it as natural as possible. Very bright, vibrant, colorful, and crisp. I don’t believe in extensive photoshopping because it’s unnecessary–save that for the supermodels and advertisements. I want to capture the magic the way it is and portray it as realistically as possible.


Now that you know a bit more about me and my work, how about let’s get together and take some awesome pictures! I’d love to get to meet you. You can contact me here.