Senior portraits are what I started shooting and still are my most popular shoots. However, I love all portrait sessions equally: seniors, family, maternity, baby, engagement. I think portraits are awesome because each shoot is a different experience for me. It’s a great opportunity to get to know lots of people and try to capture their personality(ies) in their portraits.



About 99% of my portrait shoots are taken outdoors. Why? Because it’s beautiful and because there’s nothing more flattering than natural light. I’m going to be honest; I don’t really know how to shoot with studio lighting (I know, I know, I’m learning). It took me five years to buy an external flash and I only ever use it for weddings and events in dark venues. Otherwise, I utilize natural light as much as humanly possible. Trust me on this one. Portraits turn out SO much better when taken outdoors.

From rustic farms to chic downtowns, there’s a wide variety of locations that can serve as great backdrops for portraits. I let my clients choose their location or I can suggest a place based on what they’re looking for. Wherever you want to go, I will go!


My goal is to capture portraits that, well, are you. I’m all about the natural look and try to capture people in their own element. I know that sometimes getting photos taken can be intimidating and uncomfortable. I try my best to alleviate that feeling of awkwardness by communicating throughout the shoot and posing in ways that people would normally pose when there’s no camera on them. For portrait sessions with more than one person, I love to capture the candid moments and natural interactions. My hope is that even the most camera shy people feel relaxed and comfortable in front of my camera.

In addition, I want the end product to actually look like you, not a semblance of you. That being the case, I don’t photoshop my images in any way other than removing zits. I want to emphasize everyone’s own beauty/handsomeness and display that for the world to see!


I would absolutely love to shoot some portraits for you and would love to touch base with you if you’re interested. You can contact me using the “Contact” tab in the navigation menu. Looking forward to talking with you!