Website Relaunch

I know I mentioned in an earlier post that I’d be revamping this website for frequent use. It’s finally done! Of course, I don’t have all my posts in order and I’m missing over a hundred shoots but I got all of them from this shooting season posted. I’ll be sure to keep this updated with every shoot and I promise to be more elaborate in my stories instead of writing short descriptions.

I’m glad that I finally had the time to work on this photography blog because I haven’t used it in a year or so. I’ve been wanting to have a fully updated and functional website besides my Facebook page. It’s a shame to watch a domain go to waste so I figured that I should start it up again and document all my shoots. With this site and my recipe book, I know I’ll be kept busy.

Again, please keep me accountable in updating this!

Thanks everyone,

My New Camera!

Guess what?! I GOT A NEW CAMERA! After four years, I finally decided to upgrade to a full frame camera. I’m slowly incorporating it into my shoots and am trying to adjust to the difference. Unfortunately, the learning curve seems to be steeper than I thought and I’m having a tough time with getting the perfect focus and exposure. I will keep trying and hopefully will be able to present photos just like the professional photographers that you see floating around.

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